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Whether you want to achieve a lan​​​​dscape that creates a formal or natural looks, we want to give you your desired landscape design. We pride ourselves with top quality installation work that lasts for years of enjoyment through the seasons.

Top Rated Designer and Landscaper in Baxter, MN

The task of designing a new landscape and executing all the phases during the process of constructing your outdoor space requires vision and experience. Black Rock Landscaping has the landscape design and build expertise needed to prepare solutions in harmony with your property's setting.

Whether you have exquisite, low-maintenance landscape, or hyper-specialty custom paver patio complete with a fire pit and freestanding walls surrounding it is the goal, we will devote as much care and attention to your project as it requires. 

natural stone rock patio with firepit

Why Choose Us For Your Landscaping in Baxter?


The area's most trusted and knowledgeable landscape design and build firm

Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured for all the services we offer, giving you peace of mind!

Excellent Workmanship

Provider of unmatched craftsmanship to homeowners, lakefront properties and businesses

Dependable Services

We take pride in ensuring every project is completed both on-time AND on-budget!

Our Landscape Design Process

A well-designed landscape can add as much as 40% to a property’s value. Our Baxter landscape design team brings years of experience and knowledge to the table – helping you create a unique space that fits your vision and budget. While there are unlimited options to choose from and we understand that creating an effective design can be overwhelming, we work with you as a partner to ensure the you are thrilled with the final product

Read more about our landscape design services.

front yard residential landscape design
backyard landscape design
residential patio and landscape design

Paver and Natural Stone Patios, Driveways, Walkways and Stairs

Black Rock Landscaping's patio construction is the area's authority for building natural stone and paver patios in Baxter. Whether you prefer the uniqueness of natural stone, or the traditional, but charming look of concrete pavers, we provide custom projects that fit almost any color scheme and patio shape. 

In need of some inspiration for your Baxter landscaping project? Check out our portfolio of past projects here!

fire pit with custom paver patio
natural stone walking path to lake
paver stairs to a lakeshore
paver walkway
pergola stone patio fire pit

Block/Boulder Retaining Walls and Custom Stairs

Retaining, Freestanding, and Privacy Walls

If you have any steep slopes on your property - it is imperative that a wall is constructed to retain it and prevent potential erosion. Our skilled wall building crews are trained in all aspects of constructing retaining walls in Baxter, MN. Their build process is impeccable to ensure that your retaining wall is properly constructed to offer decades of erosion protection. 

boulder retaining wall
manufactured block retaining wall

Custom Block Stairwells

If gaining access to your lakeshore has become a challenge - your best bet is a custom block staircase, allowing for multiple trips to and from the shoreline with ease!

custom block stairs
custom stone stairs

Baxter Landscape Renovation Services - Mulch, Rock, Trees, Shrubs & Flowers


Installing mulch (commonly referred to as wood chips) in your landscape or garden beds is incredibly beneficial for not only your trees, shrubs and flowers, but also the curb appeal of your property - both residential or commercial. Whether you prefer eye popping bright colors such as dyed red or orange mulch, or a subtle, natural looking hardwood mulch, we are your go-to professional mulch installers.

Our mulch installation guidelines: we recommend at least 3-4" to allow new plantings to retain adequate moisture. If you are just refreshing your landscape, then a topdressing depth of 1"-2" is best suited. Contact us today to inquire about the mulch type and color varieties we have to offer!

mulch in landscaping with flowers and trees
garden with perennials and mulch
mulch bed with ornamental grasses
fresh mulch installed

Decorative Rock

A truly maintenance free landscape option - decorative rock. Whether you prefer the color mix of river rock or the sharp look of limestone, when it is properly installed in a landscape it provides great color and brings forth the best barrier for weed prevention, keeping your landscape weed-free. We also offer dry creek beds to allow for excess water drainage to reduce erosion concern.

landscape rock
rock garden
landscaping rock
rain garden and erosion control

Plants - Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annual Flowers

We all have heard the phrase, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today."  So what better time than now to create exceptional fall colors and shade during the hot summer. The same can be said when referring to shrubs of all varieties including perennials. Let our expert team help you create landscaping in Baxter filled with foliage that will add a pop and pizazz to your property while ensuring each and every shrub and tree is planted in the proper location for sun, shade, and moisture requirements.

front yard landscaping
mulch bed with plants
mulch and newly planted shrubs
garden with trees and shrubs

Landscape Bed Edging

It is also crucial to have a degree of separation for your landscaping and garden beds. Especially with beds near your lawn, to keep the rock and mulch out of the turf! We offer a variety of landscape edging material types - plastic, steel, block bullet and boulder.

boulder edging along driveway
boulders used for edging
landscape with bullet edging
landscape bed with rock and edging

Renovating Lawns - Grading, Black Dirt, Sod, Seeding and Hydroseeding

After proper grading of your proposed lawn area with black dirt or topsoil, we lay freshly cut, high quality Kentucky Bluegrass (a common turf species that thrives in northern Minnesota) sod down. With proper watering, you have an instant green lawn that will provide a green outdoor space decades to come.

We also offer other cost-effective options for lawn establishment - such as traditional seed and hydroseeding. Contact us for more information.

grading a yard
yard grading and new sod in Baxter MN
new sod
final grading and sod

Shoreline Restoration, Rip Rap and Lakefront Landscapes

What better way to enjoy the warm summers at the lake with landscaping near the lakeshore? Complete with a custom patio and fire pit as the centerpiece that looks out to the lake with the moonlight reflecting off the water at night, or a gathering space with beach sand that is built with daytime enjoyment in mind.

Shoreline restoration at your Baxter lakefront property is a must if you are starting to notice erosion or your lakefront areas have the potential to erode in the future. This is especially the case if your property is one a busy lake with lots of traffic. The best solution is hiring Black Rock Landscaping to install rip rap to protect your lakeshore.

shoreline restoration with rip rap and mulch

Let The Landscaping Design Experts Create Your Dream

Whether you need to totally renovate your back yard or just add a fresh layer of mulch, Black Rock Landscaping is here to make your life easier and keep your property looking sharp. Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to our climate’s landscape needs such as designing and building paver patios, driveways, and walkways, retaining walls, shrubs, trees, mulch, rock, black dirt, sod and shoreline landscaping in Baxter that beautify and add value to your home, cabin, or business property.