Residential Excavation

Providing home and cabin owners with professional excavation services ranging from trenching, grading, site prep, land clearing and more.

Brainerd Lakes Area Residential Excavation Experts

If you are looking to build that dream home or are a contractor that needs land cleared for site prep, we can help. We have the equipment and staff trained with the knowledge to dig small jobs as well as larger jobs. We also dig trenches for lines, basements and dredge ponds with ease. We also offer grading and material hauling for any sand, rock or fill material that you may need. We take pride in offering excellent craftsmanship throughout your entire project. Our team is complete with knowledgeable equipment operators. They know and understand the equipment’s functions in and out, and we continually train to discover new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and safety when performing excavation services. Rest assured, your project will be executed by our experts. From land clearing to finish grading, every job is executed to ensure the project is carried out to 100% client satisfaction.

Egress window excavation

Concrete, Asphalt, Patio and Swimming Pool Removal

Projects such as new driveways installation involve not only excavating soil to make way for the base material, but if there is an existing slab in place, it must also be removed and we are the team up to the task. We have the equipment that ready to remove your existing driveway, sidewalk, patio or swimming pool.

Looking into adding a swimming pool to your property or getting rid of the existing one? We excavate out the pool area and get it ready for the new installation. We work with both homeowners as well as contractors to get the job done right and on time. Our crew also works hard to ensure your worksite stays neat and organized.

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