Shoreline Restoration

Black Rock Landscaping provides top-tier lake shore restoration & repair services including rip rap installation in the Brainerd Lakes, Crosslake, Whitefish Chain and surrounding areas.

Brainerd Lakes Area Shoreline Repair Specialists

Located throughout the northland are some of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes. Our team can think of nothing better than spending dozens of warm summer days on one of these lakes or kicked back beside it. However, erosion is quite destructive and can ruin that picturesque vision. Our goal is to offer reliable shoreline repair and restoration in the Brainerd Lakes, Crosslake and Whitefish Chain areas.

Do You Have a Damaged or Eroded Shoreline?

At the first sign of a damaged shoreline, you should call a professional. Our team has the knowledge and experience to repair the damage done to your shore. We have the knowledgeable team who are experts at transforming ugly shorelines into something gorgeous that will protect the investment into your cabin’s lakeshore for years to come.

Rip Rap Installation

One of the top solutions to repairing a shoreline and preventing future issues is installing rip rap. Our team builds a wall of rock along the shoreline designed to withstand the erosive nature of water. Rip rap is incredibly durable and prevents the land around the shore from crumbling. We love rip rap because it is a dependable method to keep shorelines safe while still remaining aesthetically pleasing. In the long run, this solution saves money and time.

When it comes to shoreline restoration, our team is a top choice thanks to our professionalism and reliability. We know and understand that each shoreline repair project is unique from one another, so our team will help create a custom solution tailored to your property’s needs. If you are a property owner considering a shoreline restoration in the Brainerd Lakes, Crosslake or Whitefish chain, we are your go-to choice. Call us at (218) 839-5378 or request a quote to get your next project started.

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