Brainerd MN Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor space looks fantastic and it is a great place to spend time with family and friends. Why let all that work go to waste after sunset? Lights placed along walkways and entries can not only add an element of beauty, but also provide safety and security.  Adding lights to a backyard gathering space such as a patio can essentially add another room to your outdoor area.  This allows you to have a beautiful looking front and backyard both day and night. We are the #1 choice for outdoor lighting installation in Brainerd. We have the experienced team who will choose the correct hardware and implement it into your landscape. 

Light Up Your Home and Landscape

Creating ambiance throughout your entire property and increase the night time enjoyment of your outdoor space with professionally installed low voltage LED landscape lighting from Black Rock Landscaping. Outdoor low voltage lighting can beautify and enhance your landscaping while adding additional security. Plus, it is virtually maintenance-free!

garden illuminated by outdoor LED landscape lighting

Advantages to an Outdoor Lighting System

  • Extend your outdoor space for use during all hours of the night
  • Highlight the best features of your home, cabin or business property
  • 24/7 curb (or lakefront) appeal 
  • Increased security and safety - more visibility when walking on the property 
landscape lighting along block path

Various Types of Outdoor Lighting Elements

LED or Halogen: LED lighting popularity has exploded recently, the long term reliability combined with producing less heat make them a superior choice


Solar lights: Lighting powered by the sun is increasing more popular. A small panel is installed atop of the light fixture and the panel charges from the sunlight during the day and lights will generally run for eight (8) hours. They do not require a complex system because they are independently powered. They are not as effective during the northern Minnesota winter due to less sunlight, but are sustainable and cost-effective.


Pathway lights: Blocks powered by solar light are installed into the path during construction. They light your paths and walkways at night to provide a more eco-friendly method to increase overall safety and security throughout your property at night.

Our Brainerd, MN Local Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

  • Landscape Lighting System Design
  • Landscape Lighting System Installation
  • Exterior Home or Business Lighting
  • Pathway Lights
  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Solar Landscape Lighting

Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting Specialists

We have enhanced and beautified hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Brainerd, MN. Every project is completed to the specific details and parameters to ensure you are thrilled with the final product.