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Picture this setting: a warm summer evening’s sunset, your family and friends enjoying everyone’s company on a backyard patio overlooking the lake with a fire burning in a custom fire pit. All this and much more can be achieved with Black Rock Landscaping's outdoor space creation services. 

Brainerd, MN Landscapers and Designers

The appearance and functionality of your residential or commercial property is of utmost importance. First and foremost, the shape and overall condition of your outdoor space will set the tone, sending an immediate impression to your family, friends, employees and customers.

Black Rock Landscaping employs explosions of color to make your landscaping outdoor space pop! Flowering shrubs, perennials, trees for plant material, then combining that with decorative rock or dyed mulch to compliment the paver patio or retaining wall hardscape structure allows your outdoor space to maximize its functionality and aesthetics.  

paver patio in brainerd mn

Why Choose Us For Your Brainerd Landscaping Project?


The area's most trusted and knowledgeable landscape design and build firm

Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured for all the services we offer, giving you peace of mind!

Excellent Workmanship

Provider of unmatched craftsmanship to homeowners, lakefront cabins and commercial properties

Dependable Services

We take pride in ensuring each project is completed both on-time AND on-budget!

Our Landscape Design Process

Our custom Brainerd landscape design and build process is refined to be as productive and painless for you as possible. There are truly endless options and possibilities and we understand that it can be overwhelming. Our process is tailored to you, our client, to ensure that your vision and ours are both in sync, and that you are thrilled with your project from beginning to end. 

Read more about our landscape design services.

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front yard residential landscape design
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Natural Stone and Paver Patios, Stairs, Driveways and Walkways

Black Rock Landscaping sets the tone for expertise in building paver patios in Brainerd. Our hardscape crews are highly trained specialists. Whether you prefer the refinement of natural stone, or practicality and simplicity of concrete pavers, we will build your dream space, whether it is a paver sidewalk, or full-scale custom patio with fire pit, freestanding walls surrounding and a pergola built over the top the patio along the shore with fresh new beach sand installed. 

Need inspiration for your Brainerd landscaping project? Check out our portfolio of past projects here!

paver patio with fire pit
natural stone walking path to lake
shoreline and paver stairs
concrete paver walkway
landscape with pergola and natural stone patio

Retaining Walls and Custom Stair Construction

Is the slope down to your lake or elsewhere on your property too steep for walking? Or is an area subject to potentially eroding in the future? Black Rock Landscaping can design and build your retaining walls, privacy walls, and freestanding sitting walls for your property using materials including block or boulders. Allowing your property to be safer and walks down to the lake are easier.

boulder wall retaining a hillside
custom block stairs
custom stone stairs
block retaining wall

Landscaping Renovation Services in Brainerd - Mulch, Rock, Trees, Shrubs and Flower Plantings

Decorative Rock

One of the most maintenance free features within a landscape is decorative rock. When installed in a landscape bed, it harbors great color and when poly/plastic is installed beneath, it is one of the best barriers for weed prevention, keeping your landscape weed-free for years to come. We also construct dry creek beds to allow for excess water drainage without erosion concern.

landscape rock
rock garden
 rain garden with erosion control
landscaping rock


Installing mulch (commonly referred to as wood chips) in your landscape or garden beds is incredibly beneficial for not only your trees, shrubs and flowers, but also the curb appeal of your property - both residential or commercial. Whether you prefer eye popping bright colors such as dyed red or orange mulch, or a subtle, natural looking hardwood mulch, we are your go-to professional mulch installers.

Our mulch installation guidelines: we recommend at least 3-4" to allow new plantings to retain adequate moisture. If you are just refreshing your landscape, then a topdressing depth of 1"-2" is best suited. Contact us today to inquire about the mulch type and color varieties we have to offer!

mulch in landscaping with flowers and trees
perennial garden with mulch
mulch bed with ornamental grasses
fresh mulch installed

Plantings - Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annual Flowers

Planting the seed of success by sprucing up your landscape or garden with high quality trees, shrubs, perennials and annual flowers that are hardy enough to thrive in the tough northern Minnesota climate. Let our experts choose the proper placement for your plantings based on each variety's specific sunlight and moisture needs, allowing your landscape to flourish. 

tree and shrub plantings
mulch bed with plants
mulch and newly planted shrubs
flower garden with mulch

Landscape Bed Edging

Aside from utilizing vibrant colors, few things make a landscape pop like a clean edge along the borders of the your landscape or garden beds. We offer a variety of landscape edging material types - plastic, steel, block bullet and boulder.

boulder edging along driveway
boulders used for edging
landscape with bullet edging
landscape bed with rock and edging

Lawn Renovations - Grading, Black Dirt, Sod, Seeding and Hydroseeding

Sod installation - the pinnacle of instant gratification. After proper grading of your new lawn area with black dirt or topsoil, we lay freshly cut, high quality Kentucky Bluegrass (a turf variety that thrives in Brainerd, MN) sod down, and as quick as that - you have a green lawn. 

We also offer other cost-effective options for lawn establishment - such as traditional seed and hydroseeding. Contact us for more information.

yard grading
new sod installed in a yard
final grading and sod installation
new sod

Shoreline Restoration, Rip Rap and Lakefront Landscaping

What better way to enjoy the warm summers with landscaping right along the lakeshore, whether it be a custom patio with a fire pit as the centerpiece, or a simple sand beach where everyone gathers for fun in the sun. 

Shoreline restoration in Brainerd is a must if you are starting to notice erosion or your lakefront areas have the potential to erode in the future. The best solution is hiring Black Rock Landscaping to install rip rap to protect the shore.

shoreline restoration rip rap

Let The Landscaping Design Experts Create Your Dream

Enjoy the northern Minnesota summers by hiring the experts at Black Rock Landscaping. We are a full-spectrum contractor that blankets all aspects of landscape design and construction. Our professional staff are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to our climate’s landscape needs such as designing and installing paver patios, driveways, and walkways, retaining walls, shrubs, trees, mulch, rock, black dirt, sod and shoreline landscaping that add beauty and value to your home, cabin or business.